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Thing One:
I don't understand how I can be related to someone who honestly has this conversation with me:
Me: I'm going down the street to get mom cigarettes.
Cousin: From that A-rab place?
Me: Um, I think they're Indian, actually.
Cousin: Same thing.

Thing Two:
Nobody believes I'm 23. I get carded when I buy mom cigarettes almost every time, and today the man stared at my ID, stared at me, then back at my ID and asked, "Is this you??" I laughed, because his wife had the same reaction, and it works to my advantage that nobody at school knows I'm older than the rest of them. I just find it funny that apparently I have such a babyface that people think I'm a high-schooler.

Thing Three:
I laughed out loud when I heard the opening chords of Toxic play during that scene of Chuck Versus The Truth. Well played, guys, well played.

Edit: Thing Four:
The actress who plays Sarah is Australian? Ok, my mind is blown. Her accent is spot-on.
Thing Four-Point-Five:
The actor who plays Bryce is... how do I say it? Mad ridiculous attractive. I'm not even into blue eyes, but his are crazy. And also he bears a rather striking resemblence to Billy Crudup, eye-color aside. It's very disorienting.
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