Jan. 5th, 2010

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I occassionally have some very cracked-out fandom dreams, many of which have no good explanation whatsoever.

A personal favorite was the one involving me running through a Meijer because Spike wanted to kill me. Or the one in which I went to see Sweeney Todd on Broadway, and I ended up cuddling Michael Cerveris, still in still Sweeney costume, after the show while getting notes from the director. (Amusingly, that same night one of my best friends stayed at my house that night, and dreamt that Adam Pascal was trying to kill her.)

But those were years past. More recent madness dreams include making out with Laura Roslin on a bed with dark red silk sheets, being in an apocolyptic situation which someone realized could only be solved by Topher Brink (my reaction: 'Oh, god, we're all going to die.') and being out swimming with sting rays, which ended in me climbing out of the water in a cave and having one of the sting rays follow me and turn into Sierra. (My honest reaction was: 'Hey, I've seen you as a stingray before!' UMWHAT?)

My favorite, though, was about a week ago, I had a dream that I was walking down a cold street, and I saw Angel standing across the road wearing my Hufflepuff scarf. I marched right over there, snatched it off his neck, and yelled at him, "What are you doing with this? This is MINE! I knitted it for myself and I'm the one who can actually be cold here!" He actually looked a little embarrassed.

My unconcious brain. Tread carefully, it's dangerous.


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