Jan. 30th, 2010

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I talked to my Euro prof yesterday and came to the conclusion that I am going to write a paper about Turkey trying to get into the EU and the changes it has implemented in order to try and accomplish that. My prof seemed really into it, so hopefully I can deliver. A good friend in grad school to become a research librarian is going to help me do my research as her big project for the semester, and I will give her a big happy review and tell her teachers to give her an A, and we will both win! :) It will be fabulous.

I also spent most of yesterday apartment hunting with Alexis. We found some places we really like, now we just need to figure out if Ru is going to be a third or not and we can make a decision.

Also, I just experienced the tech person's DREAM of a 45-minute dry tech, and it was possibly the most fabulous thing ever. Basically, originally we were supposed to be there from 10-5, and we only were there from 12-12:45. Surprise free time is surprising and amazing. :)

My sister loaned me Heroes season 3, and I've been watching it, and texting her (mostly she doesn't answer, but my reactions amuse her so I do it anyway) and here are my thoughts. Some of them reference the fact that I've seen part of season 4, and also deleted scenes on the DVDs. And if you happen to know the answers to my questions, feel free to tell me, I don't mind being spoiled for this show.

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