Mar. 19th, 2010

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So hey guys. I haven't written any of the prompt ficlets I've been given yet (though I have started one, and yes, Rap, I'm gonna wander over and check out your story in order to try and attempt to finally complete a meme from you!) but it has been brought to my attention by [ profile] kappamaki33 that a good portion of my meme ficlets never got archived in any logical way. So here we go, all the old meme ficlets from days of yore (you know, last year or so) that never got posted on their own.

These are from my first prompt meme, and there are definitely some I still owe people from this long ago. Possibly I will actually write them, but I make no promises.

Shower Talk
For [ profile] lls_mutant who asked for Racetrack and Kat, gen

What I'm Leaving Behind
For [ profile] blue_crow, who asked for Felix/Felix (which I somehow managed to do without following any of her possible suggestions, and led to [ profile] trovia and I starting a collaboration that I dearly hope to finish. *nudgewink*)

The Places He Went
For [ profile] brennanspeaks, who wanted Felix, Deus Ex Asteroid Verse. (And don't miss the follow-up comment simply titled, "Entirely your fault!")

Truly, a Promising Start
For [ profile] kappamaki33, who wanted Gaius, Deus Ex Asteroid Verse

And, from the Never Will I Ever meme

Gaeta as the cylon prisoner on Pegasus for [ profile] geekbynight

Sam/Dee for [ profile] blue_crow

Happy Gaeta/Baltar for [ profile] lorrainemarker

Adama and Zarek drinking together for [ profile] lls_mutant

And, in the interest of bringing the sadly-neglected yet awesome category of comment fic/drabbles to the front, here are some recs of my favorite meme/comment fics that I don't remember seeing crossposted outside of the thread they started in. Which is really a pity, because they stuck with me.

Turning Over a New Leaf by [ profile] kappamaki, written for me using the First Line meme. Took the first line of the first story I wrote for the fandom and turned it into something totally cute with Felix and Dee, post penstab.

These next three are all from [ profile] brennanspeaks, because she wrote some truly great ficlets in that first big round of [ profile] gaeta_squee prompt memes, and they stayed hidden in her comments, which is a crime.

Forget Written for the prompt of Gaeta/Cylon!Baltar on New Caprica. It's three comments long, and really, really good. It's a nifty use of the prompt, and such an intriguing possibility that I look back on it with curiosity even now.

Bunked, which is a response to my prompt of Hoshi's first day on Galactica. Comes with bonus Dee!

Crash, Gaeta/Crashdown, so it fulfilled a Little Black Dress requirement!

Also, do look at the other ficlets within this post that I didn't rec, because hell, they're all fantastic!

These are the only ones I can think of that got confined to the obscurity of comment-land, but if you, dear flist, have other short and unfairly forgotten meme ficlets you'd like to submit for consideration, bring them on! And maybe I will compile a proper list. (I feel like there is probably some by [ profile] lls_mutant, but I don't know how to go about finding them, since she, like I, sadly lags in the tagging memes department. :) And also, [ profile] puszysty, you wrote some really entertaining ones for the songs on shuffle meme, and I don't know how to find them. But I cannot forget the brilliance of My Shiny Teeth and Me!


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