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May. 9th, 2014 09:30 pm
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Wow, apparently I have started writing fics again. Go figure.

Wishes on Eyelashes Fade Gaeta, Lee. PG
Gaeta gets an unexpected visitor in the brig. Written between The Oath and Blood on the Scales, without having watched the "Next Week on BSG" segment. My first forray into BSG ficcing.

Wake Up Call Ridiculously pointless Gaeta/Hoshi. PG-13 for implied sex.
Louis wakes Felix up, and absolutely no angst ensues.

When I'm Done Here Laura, Lee, Helo, Sharon, Gaius, Louis. PG
In the immediate aftermath of the mutiny, members of the fleet react to the executions.

Denial Ficlet Gaeta/You will see! PG
After BotS, Gaeta fans cried out for denial, so I woke up one morning and wrote this. Insane amounts of denial herein. Accidently applicable to [ profile] trovia's Little Black Dress challenge.

Reunion Gaeta/Hoshi. PG-13 for implied sex
Felix and Louis finally get time off.

Never Surrender Roslin/Zarek, PG
Written for [ profile] lls_mutant after a discussion in the comments of her glorious Youth's Final Luxury, in which I ponder how things might have been different if Tom and Laura had hooked up on New Caprica. Two days after the discovery of a devastated Earth, Tom refuses to let Laura give up.

Worse PG, Tom Zarek drabble
There were worse ways than this to die.

The Surrender Another drabble, Gaeta, Adama. PG
It was an utterly silent surrender

Truth on Our Side, Chapter 1 Will be Gaeta/Hoshi. PG-13 for later chapters.
After the Quorum confirms Tom Zarek as the lawful president of the Colonies, Felix Gaeta takes command of Galactica.
Work in progress

Memories Hoshi drabble. G
Felix's picture gets placed on the wall.

Deus Ex Asteroid, A Tragicomedy of Errors
(Or, What the Frak Was Up with 4.5?)
Gaeta/Hoshi, Baltar/Caprica, implied past Gaeta/Baltar
A cracktastic explanation for all of 4.5, set in the Thursday Next 'verse, but no knowledge of TN is actually necessary. I mock because I love. (And to prevent myself from crying.)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Companion Ficlets:
The Places He Went (And don't miss the follow-up comment, "All Your Fault"!)
Truly, a Promising Start
Worst Laid Plans

Breakthrough Galen/Tory, Ellen/Saul, Sam. G
Meme ficlet; took the first line of one of [ profile] puszysty's fics and turned it into the first line of something completely different.
A turning point moment in the lives of five Cylon scientists on Earth. Because sorry, RDM, flashbacks would have been better than an infodump.

The XO's Wife Felix Gaeta, Ellen Tigh. PG
Meme ficlet; the first line was originally [ profile] trovia's.
Since when is it the Senior Officer of the Watch's job to keep the XO's wife entertained?

Sleeping on Empty Dreams Gaeta/Eight. PG
Meme ficlet; first line taken from [ profile] lls_mutant.
An evening on New Caprica

In Jilted Tongues Baltar, Head!Six, mentions of Caprica/Baltar and Gaeta/Baltar. PG
Meme ficlet; first line belonged to [ profile] tin_o_biscuits.
I was simply saying that the last few times I was in the same room with him, he actively sought my death. I doubt very much that he has any desire to speak with me.

The Waiting Room Tory/Sam, pg-13/R if you squint
Written for [ profile] frak_that prompt 004, location free for all
Comparing Tory Foster to Kara Thrace is simply impossible.

Flashes of Gossip, Moments in Time Gaeta/Dee, PG-13
The rise and fall of the relationship of Gaeta and Dee through moments public and private. Pre-Series

Shower Talk Racetrack, Kat, PG
"So, CAG, what kept you from heading planetside?"

What I'm Leaving Behind Gaeta/Gaeta (in its way), PG
Felix looks back on the person he was.

Another Day Just Like the Last Gaeta/Barolay, PG
New Caprica isn't what it promised to be.
Companion ficlet for [ profile] daybreak777
Something Beautiful, a New Chance PG

Of Family and Duty Gaeta/Hoshi, mentions of Adama/Roslin, PG
Meme ficlet for [ profile] rap541, set in her Lixcest AU verse, so warning for vieled references to past incest, but nothing within the fic. Laura attends Dee's funeral and has an unexpected confrontation with Felix.

The Demon in the Hall Buffy crossover, Felix/Xander, PG
For [ profile] trovia, who demanded someone just write this pairing already.

Never Will I Ever ficlets:

Gaeta as the cylon prisoner on Pegasus for [ profile] geekbynight

Sam/Dee for [ profile] blue_crow

Happy Gaeta/Baltar for [ profile] lorrainemarker

Adama and Zarek drinking together for [ profile] lls_mutant

Microfic Meme
Ten fics in ten words or less


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