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Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show


At first I was hard-pressed to come up with an episode of Buffy that I actively disliked, and then I remembered this one. This episode seriously drives me up the wall. It takes two characters who are favorites of mine, Willow and Anya, and turns them into completely obnoxious whiny brats fighting over Xander. This might not have been so unbearable had Anya not been with Xander for, oh, a year already, but as it is, it felt contrived to cause drama in Xander's life, and make Buffy weepy.

And Buffy. I don't know what crack the writer and director were smoking, but Buffy was just horribly written, and badly directed. Yes, she just lost Riley, and I can understand how that would (and should) affect her. But to have her be useless and weepy? What in the world happened to the awesome writing of Willow healing from Oz? And not only was she weepy, all the crying was horrifically overacted and embarassing. I know Sarah Michelle Gellar can do better than that- look at the episode Joyce dies- so I'm assuming her director told her to do it. I can't fathom why. And the fact that Buffy can't defeat Olaf until he mocks Anya and Xander's love just seals the deal of fail.

Oh, and as long as I'm getting irate about this episode, Willow's declaration that she's not going to try to steal Xander away because she's "gay now." I'm bi, and I sometimes say stuff like that, but that is due entirely to utterly unfulfilling relationships and encounters with men. But Willow was in love with Xander for a while, and they had emotional and physical chemistry. Willow was in a two-three year relationship with Oz, and it was quite clear that they both enjoyed their sex life, and she mourned Oz leaving for a while. The episode where Oz comes back and she chooses Tara? Among her reasons is definitely not, "Sorry, gay now, we used to have good sex but now I'm gay gay gay." No. So why can't she just say she's not going to steal Xander away because she loves Tara? Why not say she's over Xander? Why not let Willow be bi? This is hardly the only episode that does this with her, but as long as I'm complaining about it...

This episode didn't have to suck. It's a pity it really, really did.
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