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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Meerkat Manor.

I am so serious. This is a show everyone can watch- kids, grownups, whoever. And it's so ridiculously compelling. The Meerkat politics are intense. It follows the Whiskers clan, a group that has been under the leadership of matriarch Flower for years already. They're fiercely territorial and have two or three rival families, and the territory wars are crazy. Plus, the family problems they run into with Flower's rebellious daughters create a good deal of tension.

Plus, come on, who in the world can resist meerkat pups. They're so cute it shouldn't be legal.

(And of course, you can laugh at how many geeky references you get from the nerd researchers who named them. Flower's mate is Zaphod, for crying out loud, and I laughed long and hard when Mozart got it on with Sondheim.)

Yes, I own Season One. Love the Whiskers.

Anyway, I think I'm officially a Gleek. Though really, that wasn't hard- Lea Michelle. Belting. A lot. And getting slushies thrown in her face. Plus Kristin Chenoweth gueststarred, and Josh Groban. Really, where is the bad here? Nowhere, I say, nowhere! Clearly this isn't a show I'm going to take hugely seriously, but for some pure entertainment? Oh, heck yeah, Glee.

Also, every time they mention the general loser-ness of people from Lima, I just chuckle and agree. Because that's, uh, most of Ohio. (Though Ohio doesn't allow medical marijuana. And... there was another Ohio thing that made me go, 'no, wait...' OH. It was the assertion that it was illegal to discriminate against gay kids. Not in Ohio it isn't. In fact, my middle school principal told my (straight) friend that it was her own fault girls in the locker room were accusing her of being a lesbian and taunting her for it, because she was probably 'acting like a lesbian.' Yay Ohio!) But yeah, any chance to laugh at Ohio is cool with me.

Why can I suddenly not sleep? Is this my body reacting to me sleeping entirely too much for the past few weeks?
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