Jul. 5th, 2010


Jul. 5th, 2010 02:35 am
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So, this self-pimping meme. I feel a little guilty, since I haven't done much writing lately (in any capacity- I really need to finish off that late work with the looming deadline) but I have had such a bitch of a time with writer's block. I think I'm going to have to completely change my fic exchange idea, much as I loved it, because it was way too involved for me to do it justice in the headspace I'm in.

Here's hoping this meme jogs the old muse, in any and all capacities.

Post, in your journal, a rec list singling out the best of your own fics. Tell people why you are especially proud of those particular fics, and of course provide links to them. Yes, that's right, this step involves self-promotion. How else are people supposed to find your fics? List as many or as few as you feel appropriate to represent your body of writing.

Also include a paragraph about the types of fics you most enjoy reading or are most interested in reading in the immediate future -- favorite tropes, pairings, fandoms, whatever. If you're particularly lazy, link to that Dear Writer post you did for whatever holiday exchange comes to mind.

Reply to other rec posts (like for example the one you are reading now) by reccing a fic of your own that might fit the original poster's tastes, or that you'd just really like them to read, because maybe they don't know they'd like it.

Scan through the score and put fingers on keys and you play )

Well, it seems I picked stories that either made me sad or that amused me to write. Makes sense, I guess, if I invested myself the most in them, even if it was just investment in the silliness.


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